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Image of 2019 SFEP factsheet

2019 San Francisco Estuary Partnership Fact Sheet

A quick overview of the San Francisco Estuary and the Estuary Partnership, including a by-the-numbers snapshot.


San Francisco Estuary Blueprint
This newly updated document provides a framework for the protection and enhancement of our Estuary’s natural resources. This is the 2016 update to the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP).



Hearts as One Cover

San Francisco Estuary’s Management History 
An in-depth look at the history and context of the CCMP, and how it fits in with other regional planning efforts since the 1970s. Special June 2016 Report by John Hart.




Estuary News Magazine ArchiveEstOCT2013-cover100px
Estuary News has been in print since 1991, and within its pages you will find the history of efforts to restore, manage, and understand the ecology of, and human impacts on, the West Coast’s most urbanized estuary.



Image of 2019 State of the Estuary Report cover

2019 State of the Estuary Report
The 2019 update to the State of San Francisco Estuary presents a science-based assessment of the health of San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.


Previous State of the Estuary Reports
Previous Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plans

Clean Boating Guides 2018 (available in English and Spanish)

Note: Hard copies of various quantities of these maps are also available for free. Contact: Adrien Baudrimont

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